Training for the NICA MTB Team that my son races with, Foothill Dirt, starts next week. Last year was his first year on a Mountain Bike and he spent all of his last season learning the ropes, but in several races following NICA he placed well. We anticipate 2016 being a great season with several upgrades on his race bike along with his discipline in training. For those who are interested in following along, we would like to invite you to follow along on his blog @

Friday Evening Bike Ride

After my wife got off work, Sheldon headed out for a bike ride up Jamboree and then Deb headed out the door after him on her bike. I was going to just chill until they got back and then go have dinner, but a post on FB by a pastor friend in Texas who had just got back from a run convicted me of laziness…LOL…and so I changed into my biking kit and was out the door for a short ride. Now I will enjoy my pizza a little better. 🙂