Tonight I was up at the church doing some reading, in preparation for Leadership Orange which begins on Wednesday and I ran across this statement by Kent M Keith, “People who seek power often become irrelevant as leaders. They focus on what they want, instead of what other people want, and they lose touch with the people they are supposed to be serving. Of course they may remain in power because they are good at maintaining their power base, but even then, may never be happy…because people who seek power can never get enough of it. Power becomes a kind of addiction or disease. They always want more, and more, and more.” Wow!!!

Maiden Voyage – Paradise By The Sea

IMG 0507

After many years of full-time RVing in a 5th wheel across the country, I had decided that if/when I ever got another RV it would be a much smaller Travel Trailer.  After taking a break for ten years and doing my camping in a tent, two years ago we decided that it was getting time to purchase our Travel Trailer.  

It took us two years to make a decision what we wanted.  We started out looking at everything from pop-ups to small trailers until we saw the 2200ss and knew immediately it was the trailer.  Slightly larger than we had originally intended, but we have quickly found it the perfect size for the three of us.

After waiting for it to be built, it arrived with a leak in the gray water tank that the dealership found and replaced delaying our pickup date.  During this time they installed our slide topper and backup camera.  Finally May 21 arrived, my son and I had already loaded the truck with stuff for camping.  After walk through, we were off…not to put the trailer in storage…but to an RV Park for our maiden voyage.

IMG 0502

Paradise By The Sea in Oceanside, CA was our maiden voyage.  Due to it being the week before Memorial Day weekend, Monday and Thursday were available but the weekend was booked.  However, after two days of Sheldon and I enjoying our rest and hanging out we were both bummed that Deb wasn’t with us.  Cole, the General Manager, had been very helpful and accommodating during our stay and so I approached him with the possibility of getting a spot if there were any cancellations.  Later that day, he called and we got a few extra nights making our MV from 5/21-5/29 for a total of 8 nights of relaxation…and yes, work too.  

As Sheldon had just completed his first year of college, he was thankful for the opportunity to get rested up before he started a heavier work load at the bike shop he works at.  During this time I rested, studied, prepared, planned, and even drove home to preach on Sunday.  On Friday, my wife came and was able to stay until time to head back to work on Tuesday.  Once she arrived, the park had filled up with the Memorial Day weekend crowd and our schedule changed as well to bike rides, walks, coffee shops, and just chill-axing around the trailer.  

After 8 incredible nights it was time to tuck our trailer away in storage at McBrides and we headed home totally rested, ready to plug back into life,  and  convinced that we had made the right decision to buy a trailer at this stage of life.  

Great Leaders Always Thinking Ahead!

Something I shared with my departmental leaders this week…

I remember a statement my dad made when I was learning to drive. “Most drivers only look a short distance in front of their car and thus are slow to react to a problem, but great drivers learn to look further down the road.” This morning I was thinking about this in regards to leadership, I believe that really good leaders are always looking further down the road as well. While some leaders are content to only see the immediate , GREAT leaders are constantly looking to the FUTURE and adjusting how they do things NOW in response to how it will better prepare for things in the FUTURE.

This means intentionally doing things NOW, not simply in the ways that are easiest…or the way you’ve always done them…but instead, making up your mind to do things in ways that will most facilitate how you want things to be in the future – like seeing your department go to the next level, see the church grow. This takes understanding that what you do as a departmental leader isn’t just about the immediate – because great leaders know that and are always looking and thinking ahead!

What idea are you working on NOW that will bring change, shift, growth to your department in the FUTURE?

The Miraculous Dimension

It is unnatural for a Christian to not have an appetite for the impossible. ~ Bill Johnson

I am a pastor that has an appetite for seeing God work in the realm of the impossible in a miraculous manner.  I pastor a group of people that has that same appetite.  Together, we are seeing God work some incredible miracles in the lives of people.

Yesterday, at The Pentecostals, the church I pastor in Orange, CA I preached on the subject of “The Miraculous Dimension”.  There was an incredible release of the miraculous and it is my prayer that where ever you are, whatever impossibility that you may be facing, that you will experience the miraculous intervention of God.


The year is 1863, the historic event was designed to memorialize the soldiers who lost their lives in the American Revolutionary War, and the event planner had secured one of the greatest orators of the day to be the keynote speaker. His name was Edward Everett. That day, Everett spoke for two hours and delivered an address that consisted of 13,607 words. The president, Abraham Lincoln also spoke that day. He got on and off the stage so fast that the photographer didn’t have time to take his picture. The Gettysburg address was 286 words in length and it hit the bulls eye of the nation’s heart. Today his words still echo in the lives of millions of Americans. Fewer words had further reach.

With that thought in mind, I offer you one word…and that one word summarizes our vision at Pentecostals of OC for 2018…that word is #OTHERS!

Every STORY has a SOUNDTRACK, Every STORM has a SONG

Thoughts from a rainy Tuesday morning;… Every STORY has a SOUNDTRACK, Every STORM has a SONG…I can point back to storms I weathered, and without fail a song comes to mind…songs like, “I thought the sun had come to stay, but all too soon it went away…Lord, You know I need a brand new touch, my strength from yesterday is gone” or the McGruders “Heaven’s point of View” or Tim Spell’s “Let God unfold the Rose”. I believe that God does this to remind us to KEEP SINGING even in the STORM. David had his God and a slingshot when he faced Goliath, you and I have our God and a song when we face our storm!

The Reason For The Season…from Heaven’s Point of View

It’s Christmas afternoon and I’m going to share a few words with my family this afternoon since we are not having a church service this Sunday.

As Christians we are quick to remind ourselves and anyone who will listen that JESUS is the Reason for the Season – yet, have you ever considered that from Jesus point of view that He might say something different.

The Reason for the Season from Heaven’s point of view would be YOU…yes, I said you.

He left Heaven and came to earth for YOU.

He hung on the cross for YOU.

Yes, YOU are the Reason for the Season from Heaven’s point of view!

Enjoying Some Down Time

Christmas Morning early my family and I rolled out of Tustin headed to Midland, TX where my parents live. After spending 4 days completely off the grid, I’m starting to anticipate my return home and being past the Holiday season. The downtime was much needed…and even though we are not leaving until Thursday…I’m already putting together ToDo list and planning for several meetings upon my arrival back home.


Training for the NICA MTB Team that my son races with, Foothill Dirt, starts next week. Last year was his first year on a Mountain Bike and he spent all of his last season learning the ropes, but in several races following NICA he placed well. We anticipate 2016 being a great season with several upgrades on his race bike along with his discipline in training. For those who are interested in following along, we would like to invite you to follow along on his blog @

Distraction Is Dangerous

Distraction is dangerous! If I had to take an epic fall why not on my bike where I could have a cool story to tell. No! Not happening! Nothing so cool…just a moment of distraction and I tripped hard and found myself laying face first against the counter with bruises on both legs, a sprained thumb, and a bruised busted nose that shot blood from the ceiling to the floor. Beware of the distractions in your life!